Jeffries and Treacher Family History



It is not now as it hath been of yore.

(Wordsworth - Ode : Intimations of Immortality)


Date Section(s) Amendment
27 Jul 2009 Certificates & Documents New docs for George Jeffries (x1), Susan Jeffries (x1), Jonathan Herbert Jeffries (x3) and Peter Flaws (x1).
27 Jul 2009 Photographs New photos of George and Susan Jeffries, Jonathan Herbert and Margaret Ann Jeffries and Jonathan George and Jessie Jeffries.
27 Jul 2009 Stories Lucky Escape section renamed to WW2 Lucky Escapes and expanded.
10 Sep 2009 Census Many new census record entries including 1911 and about 20 new ancestor entries.
21 Sep 2009 Census, Family Tree and Indivual Records Two new ancestors - Isaac Turner and his wife, Mary Ross.
9 Oct 2009 Photographs New layout and more information about the photographs.
12 Oct 2009 All sections Site search facility added.
27 Aug 2010 Home Page Rewritten.
27 Aug 2010 Introduction Rewritten.
27 Aug 2010 Surnames A few amendments.
27 Aug 2010 Alpha List Individual Records all updated.
27 Aug 2010 Places Rewritten, with new sections and maps and views.
27 Aug 2010 Occupations Partly rewritten, and Samuel Abbott's Army Records added.
27 Aug 2010 Stories Partly rewritten, and Maps and Views added.  WW2 Lucky Escapes rewritten and now called World War 2.
27 Aug 2010 Narratives New section on parentage of Henry Jeffries.
27 Aug 2010 Photographs A few new photographs.
27 Aug 2010 Certs and docs Rewritten and section added with copies of Parish Records.
17 Nov 2010 Occupations > RN Medals & Docs Two new naval documents for Frederick Treacher.
17 Nov 2010 Occupations > Gunner, Royal Artillery Two new RA documents for Samuel Abbott.
27 Sep 2011 Occupations > Gunner, Royal Artillery RA records for Robert Treacher found under spelling 'Tricher'.
27 Sep 2011 Occupations > 11th Dragoons A new section about Simon Gardener.
27 Sep 2011 Occupations > Able Seaman Gunner - List of Ships Unknown ship now identified as HMS Tartar.
27 Sep 2011 Reports This is the section previously known as 'Alpha List'.  There are two sections, the first of which is the old 'Alpha List' page with two new reports - Timeline and Family Group.  The second section has eleven general reports, almost all of them new.
27 Sep 2011 Surnames Section on the Scarletts rewritten.
27 Sep 2011 Stories New pages on Boy Scouts, Visiting Grandparents and Transport
27 Sep 2011 Narratives Two new pages on the Abbotts and Treachers on Woolwich Common and Lakedale Road.  This is mostly new material.
27 Sep 2011 Census One new census record from 1841 for William Fisher.
27 Sep 2011 Family Tree One new ancestor - Elizabeth Fisher wife of William Fisher.
29 Sep 2011 Occupations > Field Gun Comp New paragraphs on Language of Stamps in Edwardian times.
25 Oct 2011 Certs & Docs Some certs & docs moved to other sections, eg, Family in Woolwich and Occupations.  Second section renamed as Wills, Probate, etc.
25 Oct 2011 Other Occupations New section on Domestic Servants.
25 Oct 2011 Occupations > Royal Navy New section on Uniform.
25 Oct 2011 Various Minor amendments
16 Nov 2011 Family Tree and Reports All entries for possible ancestors of William Catlin's wife, Elizabeth Day, removed from site as they are definitely not our ancestors.
16 Nov 2011 Census New census record for 1841 for Henry Catlin
16 Nov 2011 Reports Reports amended for Henry Catlin, William Catlin, Elizabeth Day and Elizabeth Gardiner
16 Nov 2011 Surname Addition for Catlin
28 Nov 2011 Reports Reports for each of Henry and Ann's children added.
31 Jan 2012 Places > Berkshire > Kingston Bagpuize Selection of archived newspaper cuttings added.
31 Jan 2012 Narratives Section on Henry Jeffries and Ann Belcher greatly extended.
1 Feb 2012 Stories New page - Work House Xmas.
25 Feb 2012 Narratives > Henry & Ann's Sons Life of James and Matilda Jefferies added, written by Stephen Cook.
25 Feb 2012 Census Records Extended to include records for Henry & Ann's sons and their wives.
5 April 2012 Reports Reports updated
6 Aug 2012 Reports Many reports updated and all reprinted to include sources where appropriate.
6 Aug 2012 Occupations>Able Seaman Gunner>Medals & Docs Section rewritten, with new image of Victory Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster.
6 Aug 2012 Family Tree and Reports New possible ancestor, Katherin Mills, wife of John Burge.
6 Aug 2012 Family Tree and Reports Surname of Samuel Hunt Jnr's wife, Elizabeth, found to be Redding.
17 Aug 2012 Certs & Docs > Birth/Marriage/Death Copies of about 60 Civil Registration certificates added.
21 Aug 2012 Places > Kingston Bagpuize > Newspaper Cuttings More cuttings added.
16 Oct 2012 Narratives > Henry Jeffries and Ann Belcher > H & A's Sons and Wives New page about Benjamin and Sarah.
28 Oct 2012 Narratives > Henry Jeffries and Ann Belcher > H & A's Sons and Wives Links to individual reports added for all of H & A's grandchildren.
28 Oct 2012 Certs & Docs Death certs for James and Margaret Ann Carpenter and marriage cert for Edward Treacher and Sophia Betts added.
2 Dec 2012 Stories > Religion Three new photos and text amended.
2 Dec 2012 Narratives > Woolwich Family New section on General Gordon's house with photo.
2 Dec 2012 Narratives > Lakedale Road New photo and added text.
31 Dec 2012 Places > Newspaper Cuttings Now divided into two pages, one for cuttings and one for petty crimes
31 Dec 2012 Stories > Cubs Minor update
8 Feb 2013 Places > Newspaper Cuttings Both pages extended to include Southmoor when known as Draycott Moor
11 Feb 2013 Places > Newspaper Cuttings Both pages extended to include Southmoor
1 Mar 2013 Narratives > Henry and Ann's Grandchildren New sections, with limited information
23 May 2013 Stories > Great Uncle Harry New section
23 May 2013 Place > Harry Jeffries Places New section
25 May 2013 Narratives > Henry and Ann's Grandchildren Section on John and Charlotte's children completed.
30 May 2013 Narratives > Henry and Ann's Grandchildren Section on Henry and Ann's children completed.
31 May 2013 Narratives > Henry and Ann's Grandchildren Section on Moses and Ann Maria's children completed.
1 June 2013 Narratives > Henry and Ann's Grandchildren Section on William and Ann's children completed.
2 June 2013 Narratives > Henry and Ann's Grandchildren Sections on Benjamin and Sarah's and James and Matilda's children completed.
4 June 2013 Narratives > Henry and Ann's Grandchildren Sections on George and Susan's children completed.
8 June 2013 Certs & Docs > Birth/Marriage/Death Parish baptism record added for Susan Cooper.
10 June 2013 Census Record 1911 census record for Rose Ellen Treacher added.
21 June 2013 Occupations > Gunner, Royal Artillery WW2 Medal details for Arthur Frederick Treacher added.
13 July 2013 Places > Other Places Ramsgate section updated.
15 July 2013 Henry & Ann's Grandchildren > Children of Benjamin & Sarah Section updated.
August 2013 Certificates > BMD 22 more certificates added.
August 2013 Family Tree & Reports About ten possible ancestors added.
18 July 2014 Places > Berkshire > Kingston Bagpuize > From Newspapers > Cuttings Cuttings from the Swindon Evening Advertiser added.
8 November 2014 Narratives > Henry's Parentage New paragraphs about a possible other Harry Jeffries and three sisters in Berkshire.
8 November 2014 Narratives > Henry's Ancestors New paragraphs about possible baptism records for Robert Jeffries, and info about Henry's siblings.
8 November 2014 Stories > Mystery Bible New story.
8 November 2014 Reports > Personal Now an alphabetical list of all ancestors with spouses, but only one report for each pair - the Family Group Report.
8 November 2014 Family Tree Single pdf file replaces old Family Tree pages together with a new page to help locate ancestors in the pdf file.
8 November 2014 Stories > Pauper to Post Office New story about Maria Jeffries at the post office in KB.
8 November 2014 Stories> Poignant Story Repeated from Newspaper Cuttings.
8 November 2014 Introduction Reduced to one page.
8 November 2014 Reports for Henry & Ann & sons Reports removed, because of too much info and difficulty in finding individuals.
8 November 2014 Personal Reports Generation column removed as it did not have any real use.
8 November 2014 Occupations > Field Gun Photo added of key to Edwardian Language of Stamps.
9 November 2014 Stories > 1849 A Tragic Year Story rewritten.
7 December 2014 All pages New Layout
12 December 2014 Stories Section split into three pages and two new stories added - Literacy and Pregnant Brides
18 December 2014 Reports and Family Tree Eight probable new Biggerstaff ancestors
24 December 2014 Reports Report table changed and made sortable by husband or wife.
30 December 2014 Ancestor List New main section with a list of ancestors in pairs with a relationship column and a column showing which page of the Family Tree pdf file the couple can be found in. All columns sortable.
30 December 2014 Certificates Table of certificates now sortable on both columns.
30 December 2014 Census Change to display of key and notes. Both columns now sortable.
30 December 2014 Places London Group of photos in RA Barracks, Woolwich Cemetery and Garrison Church sections changed to gallery view.
7 January 2015 Census New set of census records for Henry and Ann's sons and grandchildren.
7 January 2015 Introduction Moved to second place in the main menu.
7 January 2015 Amendments Renamed as Updates.
7 January 2015 Census Button to show and hide key and notes added to both census records sections.
7 January 2015 Ancestor List Button to show and hide notes added.
7 January 2015 Places Woolwich Photo Gallery Section added for photos of Barracks, Garrison Church, Woolwich Common and Woolwich Old Cemetery.
12 January 2015 Photographs New section with a slide show of photos of Mum and Dad.
12 January 2015 Family Tree Generation headings added to pdf file.
18 January 2015 Search this Site The Search facility has now been restored.
20 January 2015 Census Records Dates of death added, where known.
20 January 2015 Occupations > Royal Navy Black and White version of Frederick Treacher colour portrait added.
21 January 2015 Census A few more census records added.
1 February 2015 Places > Berkshire > Kingston Bagpuize Statistics - new section.
11 February 2015 Occupations > Other Occupations New Layout
13 February 2015 Occupations > Gunner, RN New Layout
4 March 2015 End of Line New Section - Still being worked on
26 December 2015 Family Tree and Ancestor List Five new ancestors, Alexander Ross, Mary Jordan, William Jordan, Ann Mason and Thomas Mason
09 January 2018 End of Line New Sub-section for Bason
09 January 2018 Occupations > 11th Light Dragoons Record for Admission to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea added
09 January 2018 Narratives > Part1 > Henry Jeffries (b 1775) Parentage Minor amendments
10 January 2018 Various Old photos enhanced
28 January 2018 Stories > Part 2 > Great Uncle Harry and Great Aunt Florence New material in Harry's Death and Burial Section
04 February 2018 Stories > Part 2 > Great Uncle Harry and Great Aunt Florence 1939 Register details added for Florence
04 February 2018 Stories > Part 2 > Great Uncle Harry and Great Aunt Florence Section about Florence after Harry's death rewritten and 1926/7/8/9 Electoral Register details added.
18 September 2018 Stories > Part 2 > Great Uncle Harry and Great Aunt Florence New section Payments and Gratuities. Additional information on the movements of the Hampshires
27 November 2018 All sections Miscellaneous amendments and corrections
27 November 2018 Reports All reports rerun


First Published 14 January 2009