Jeffries and Treacher Family History



"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

                   (Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet)


There are about sixty different ancestral surnames in our current family tree, the most common being Abbott with eight occurences and Jeffries with seven.  There are about thirty surnames with just one occurence each.  Women are counted under their maiden name.

A list and count of all the ancestral surnames can be found in the Surname List Report in the General Reports section.

Spelling of Surnames

  • Bason
    • Variations - Bazon, Basson, Basons and Barson.  I have used the form Bason, as this is predominent in our line.  They were probably all pronounced as Barson.
  • Belcher
    • Variations - Belchier and Bellsher.  I have used the form Belcher, as this is predominent in our line.
  • Catlin
    • Variation - Catling.  I have used the form Catlin, as this is the form that the most recent Catlin, Emma, seems to have used.
  • Jeffries
    • Variations - Jefferies, Jefferis, Jeffery, Jeffrey and Jeffreys. In our line the spelling has generally been Jeffries, so I have used that spelling for our ancestors. There are other lines where the spelling is generally different. For example Henry and Ann's son, James, seems to have used the spelling "Jefferies", and another son, William, has used the spelling "Jeffrey".
  • Treacher
    • Variations - Tricher, Tricker, Preacher (Once only), Trencher (Once only).  Robert Treacher's marriage entry in the parish records shows that he made his mark, rather than sign.  Whoever completed the record wrote his name as Tricher and this was read as Tricker by the transcriber for  His personal army records show the name as Tricher, but the list of Army Births shows the name as Tricker.
  • Others
    • Other names are pretty much consistent.

Wherever there are variations from the usual spelling, I have mentioned them in the notes. Of course, the spellings may need to be amended in the light of further evidence.

Maiden Name Not Known

If the maiden name of a woman is not known and the couple are known to be married, I have used the husband's surname for her in the Family Tree, the Ancestor List and the Family Group sections.

Distribution of Surnames

The Public Profiler site contains maps of surname distributions in 1881 and 1998.  The site was previously known as Surname Profiler.

England and Wales Surname Directory

This section contains information on some of the ancestral names taken from the Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames 1901.


Until I received the birth certificate for Clara Ann Scarlett, I had accepted that Charles William Scarlett was her father, based on the the facts that Clara used the name Scarlett up until her marriage and that Charles was named as her father on the marriage certificate.  However, the birth certificate throws some doubt on this, as it shows that her birth was registered under her mother's surname of Catlin and there is no father's name shown.  Also there is an eighteen month period between the birth of Clara Ann and Emma's marriage to Charles.

The gap between the birth and the marriage and the lack of a father's name does not rule out Charles from being the father, but if Charles wasn't the father, then he may have been more than happy to treat Clara as his own and he and Emma may never have told Clara.  Even if she did know, she may have decided to keep using the name.

There is one small hint that Charles may have been the father, in that he had a sister called Clara Anne, although that combination of names was not uncommon.

For the time being I have kept Charles's ancestors in the Family Tree but marked them as doubtful.  Perhaps a Bastardy Order might come to light sometime to help clarify this.