Jeffries and Treacher Family History


George and Jessie Jeffries - Photo Slide Show in Chronological order (c1925 - 2012)

Other Photos


This page contains assorted family photographs, which have not been used in other sections.

George Jeffries and Susan Cooper
george and susan This is a studio portrait, but there is no information on the back of the photo.  Although George is wearing a rather formal suit and a wing collar, he looks very relaxed and confident.  By the way his coat is hanging, it looks as though he has just taken his hand out of his trouser pocket; perhaps that would have been too informal!  Susan is looking rather less relaxed.  I would guess that the photo was taken about 1900.
george and susan Probably 85 Queen's Road, Upper Norwood about 1915/1916.  They were living in this house in the 1911 census and at George's death in May 1916.  George is looking rather sad and wistful, so perhaps he knew that he did not have long to live.  Susan looks careworn, but having had ten children, this is perhaps not surprising.  George is sitting on a wooden box and there seems to be a tin bath propped up behind them.  There is no information on the back of the photo.  The house has now gone.
Jonathan George Jeffries and Jessie Rose Treacher
snow white Drawn for Mum by boyfriend, Stanley Chapman.  He has put his and her initials on either edge of the bottom of the dress.
mum and dad wedding Mum and Dad on the steps of St Mary's Church, Woolwich after their wedding on 6 Sep 1941.  Dad did not want to have the horseshore on his arm and couldn't wait to take it off.  The church is still in use today.  The reception, which was arranged by Gran, was held in the upstairs hall of the old Cooperative building in Herbert Road, Plumstead.  There is still a supermarket on the site, although it is a more recent building and not a Coop.
mum and dad wedding group Group photo on the steps of St Mary's Church, Woolwich after Mum and Dad's wedding on 6 Sep 1941.  There is a who's who below the photo.
mum and alan at seaside With son, Alan, at the seaside in 1951.  Perhaps a Cage Lane Sisterhood outing.
mum and alan at lakedale With son, Alan, in back yard of Lakedale Road in 1949.
mum and tony With son, Tony, place unknown in 1943.  May be a studio photo.
jeffries jonathan george young man Mum says that this photo was taken at an unknown place sometime before his marriage.  It may not have been long before, because he seems to be wearing the suit he later wore for his wedding.
jeffries jonathan george paddling With son, Tony, at Margate about 1947, during a week's holiday
jeffries jonathan george early 70s Early 70's in the back garden of 56, Raby Drive, Raby Mere, Wirral.
jeffries jonathan george and jessie 1968 1968, Place unknown.
Jonathan Herbert Jeffries and Margaret Ann Fisher
jeffries_jonathan_herbert_portrait Date stamp on back is 17 Sep 1897, but he looks older than 18
fisher_margaret_ann_walking_in_street This photo and the next one look as though they were taken on the same holiday.
jeffries_jonathan_herbert_and_margaret_ann_on_seafront See comment for previous photo..
gill_pete_wedding This is a photo of the wedding of Gran's granddaughter, Gill, to Pete Mullings.  Gran is three to the bride's left in the same row and wearing a dark hat.  On her right is Gill's mother, Gladys, and behind her is Gill's father, John Collie.  Next to Gladys is Mum.  Dad is on the far right, with glasses, and next to him in the white hat is Gill's aunt, Margaret.  Tony is at the back next to John.
fisher_margaret_ann_with_daughter_gladys This photo and the next were taken on the same day about 1919 in Gran and Granddad's garden at 39 Forest Road, Forest Gate.  Their daughter, Gladys, had just returned from Sunday School
jeffries_jonathan_herbert_and_margaret_ann_with_gladys_1 See comment for previous photo.
fisher_margaret_ann_with_dogs In her garden at 39 Forest Road, Forest Gate, about 1919.  
jeffries_jonathan_herbert_and_margaret_ann_with_gladys_3 At the seaside with daughter, Gladys, about 1950 perhaps, place unknown
jeffries_jonathan_herbert_and_margaret_ann_with_arthur At the seaside about 1950 perhaps, place unknown, also with Philip and unknown girl
jeffries_jonathan_herbert_and_margaret_ann_group Left to right - Jonathan George, Tony, Margaret, Philip, Margaret Ann and Jonathan Herbert.  Probably Redbridge Lane.
jeffries_jonathan_herbert_and_margaret_ann_philip_jonathan Jonathan Herbert and Margaret Ann with grandchildren, Philip and Jonathan.  Probably Redbridge Lane.
Frederick Treacher and Rose Ellen Abbott
abbott_rose_ellen_with_maud This photo is unusual in having black edging, and together with the dark dress, hat and gloves, it may mean that it was taken shortly after the death of one of her parents.  This would make it about 1901/2 or 1904.  Gran is sitting and the other woman is her friend, Maud Killick.
abbott_rose_ellen_light_dress_and_handbag Perhaps about 1905 - it looks like the same hat as in the previous photo
abbott_rose_ellen_at_seaside_with_arthur_1 With son, Arthur.  Taken on the seafront, probably at Folkestone, Kent sometime in the 1930s.  Gran seems to be wearing the same coat as in the next two photos.
abbott_rose_ellen_at_seaside_with_arthur_2 With son, Arthur.  Taken on the seafront, probably at Folkestone, Kent sometime in the 1930s.
abbott_rose_ellen_at_seaside This may be at Folkestone, sometime in the 1930s, with the photo perhaps being taken by Arthur.
abbott_rose_ellen_at_seaside_with_jessie With daughter, Jessie.  Probably taken on a Cage Lane Sisterhood outing to somewhere on the south coast.
abbott_rose_ellen_at_seaside_with_jessie_alan_gwen_bashford With daughter, Jessie, grandson, Alan, and friend, Gwen Bashford.  Probably taken on a Cage Lane Sisterhood outing to somewhere on the south coast about 1958.
abbott_rose_ellen_at_seaside_with_alan With grandson, Alan.  Probably taken on a Cage Lane Sisterhood outing to somewhere on the south coast about 1956.
abbott_rose_ellen_at_wedding_of_cousin_bertie_and_maud Taken in 1912 in Woolwich at the wedding of Gran's brother Albert Edward "Bertie" Abbott to Maude E Flower.  Gran is on the left in the front row, and she was carrying her first child, Ivy, at the time.  The three women at the back are friends or relatives of Maude.  The two on the right may be twins as they are wearing almost identical outfits.
abbott_ellen_rose_grandchildren This photo was taken in 1949 in the back yard at 108 Lakedale Road, with her grandchildren, Tony and me.
treacher_frederick_rose_and_ivy_formal This studio portrait of Frederick and Rose Ellen with their first child, Ivy, was taken in 1913, probably in Woolwich.