Jeffries and Treacher Family History



I am much indebted to the following -

Jessie Rose Jeffries, née Treacher (My mother)

ditty box 1 For racking her brains for family memories and for access to her ditty box* containing family photographs and documents.  The site would have been a much poorer thing without her contribution.

(* Ditty Box or Bag - A box or bag for a sailor's personal belongings.)

Chris Jeffries (Nephew)

For hosting this site and for copies of documents relating to my father and maternal grandfather.

Stephen Cook of Leeds (Fourth cousin once removed)

For his great help in obtaining and clarifying data relating to our Jeffries ancestors, and writing the page about Henry and Ann's son, James, his fourth great grandfather. Stephen is descended from James and Matilda Jeffries through their eldest child, Sarah Ann.

Gill Mullings (Cousin) and Gladys Collie (Aunt)

For information about and photos of Jonathan Herbert and Margaret Ann Jeffries and George and Susan Jeffries.

Adrian Hall

For taking the time to examine the evidence for thinking that Robert and Elizabeth are Henry's parents.  Adrian is an experienced genealogist.   (The full details are in Part 1 of the Narratives section.)

If it is true that Harry Jeffries the son of Robert and Elizabeth Jeffries is one and the same person as our definite ancestor Henry Jeffries, as Adrian thinks likely, then he (Adrian) will also be a distant cousin, descended through Robert and Elizabeth's son Moses.

Longworth History Society

For use of archive material relating to the various post offices in Kingston Bagpuize.

Jill Muir

For pointing me to the Oxfordshire Family History Society and for information on the old post office and the village in general.

Dave Annal

For use of the pages of the 1821 South Ronaldsay census relating to our ancestors.

For the census records, gazetteers and Handbook for Kent Travellers.

British Newspaper Archives

For the newspaper cuttings in the Kingston Bagpuize and Stories sections.

Celia Pike

For help in preparing the piece about Benjamin Jeffries and Sarah Sparrowhawk in the Narratives section, and for providing information and photographs.

Jan Richardson

For help in preparing the piece about Harry Jeffries and Florence Green in the Stories section by supplying some of the information, the photographs of the CWGC cemetery, which she commissioned from the British Embassy in Iran and the photos of Florence. Also for reading through the draft piece.

Branislav Hrabkovsky

For taking the trouble to find someone connected to families mentioned in Benjamin Jeffries's family bible found in Slovakia, for scanning the family details and the photo and for looking through the bible for anything else which might be relevant.

Greenwich Heritage Centre

For the photographs of Woolwich Tabernacle, Old Plumstead Cemetery, Lakedale Road, Cage Lane Church, Plumstead Central Wesleyan Hall and General Gordon's House.

Parker Knoll

For my armchair.